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"Jab farm lessons : The family reunion"

farm lessons 17

It has come time for the Winglenuts to trade in their old truck for a new ride, so the family takes a trip to a local car dealership. While Clevus and Rita Mae check out a new vehicle, Momma and Auntie spend some quality "sister bonding" time shopping for clothes. Meanwhile BooBoo gets served something special by a hot waitress at the diner.

farm lessons 16

A traveling salesman finds himself stranded in "Farm Lessons" country when his car breaks down. He comes upon the first house he sees and is welcomed inside by Clevus. He's introduced to Rita Mae and is no doubt instantly mesmerized by her youthful beauty. With his car in repair and the salesman having to stay overnight, will his lust-filled urges be able to resist the temptations of the farmer's daughter? Probably not. This is a JAB comic after all ;)

farm lessons 15

Rita Mae finds Luke out in the fields with the crazy idea of trying to snap a photo of a UFO to sell to papers and make money with. Soon enough though they find themselves beamed into an alien spacecraft where they're the sexual guinea pigs of an alien lab class studying humans and their bodies. It's a close encounters of the third (input) kind when the alien students decide to experiment in "interspecies relations".

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